Blair Kaplan Venables: Empowering Resilience and Transforming Lives

Meet Blair Kaplan Venables, a grief and resilience expert, and the visionary Founder of The Global Resilience Project. With accolades from Forbes, CBC Radio, Entrepreneur, and Thrive Global, Blair stands as one of the top 10 conscious female leaders recognized by USA Today. As a motivational speaker, bestselling author, and host of the Radical Resilience podcast, Blair’s journey will soon be featured on Apple TV+ in the upcoming show ‘MyStory.’ In her spare time, she travels the world, writes, and passionately helps others strengthen their resilience muscles.

The Global Resilience Project is a social enterprise and community where powerful stories of resilience find a voice. These stories, shared through various mediums like published books, the Radical Resilience Podcast, stages, social media, and their website, aim to inspire healing. The ultimate objective is to empower a staggering 88 million people to bolster their resilience muscle by August 2025. Visit their community at The Global Resilience Project.

Blair’s personal journey, intertwined with her father’s terminal illness and addiction, served as the impetus for The Global Resilience Project. What began as a legacy project transformed into a global movement, driven by the passion to share stories of forgiveness, healing, and resilience. The Global Resilience Project has become a beacon of empowerment, touching the lives of millions worldwide. Through the transformative power of storytelling, the project has enabled individuals to strengthen their resilience, fostering a community that moves through life with less pain and more resilience.

The project’s evolution from a passion project to a revenue-generating global initiative posed a welcomed challenge. Drawing from her experience with Blair Kaplan Communications, a 15-year-old business, Blair navigated the transition with resilience and determination. In 2023, The Global Resilience Project achieved a significant milestone by publishing its first book, “The Global Resilience Project,” which promptly became an international bestseller.

According to Blair, resilience and grit are the essential qualities that pave the way for success in leadership. While Blair’s focus lies on humanity and being a lighthouse in the storm, she believes that businesses can contribute positively by helping individuals move through life with less soulful pain.

Blair shared a poignant story where her project not only touched lives but also bridged a communication gap between a father and a child, echoing the message that love persists even in challenging circumstances.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Blair advocates for aspiring entrepreneurs to be driven by purpose and mission rather than monetary gains. Gratitude forms the cornerstone of the positive work culture within Blair Kaplan Communications, with constant appreciation for the hard work of her dedicated team.

In 2023, The Global Resilience Project made impactful contributions by donating to Camp Erin and assisting in the opening of The Oasis, a children’s center in Ghana. The commitment to giving back will continue in 2024 to support humanity. Looking ahead, Blair envisions empowering at least 88 million people by August 2025. The project aims to maximize its reach by sharing its message through various modalities, creating a ripple effect of resilience worldwide.

In the hands of Blair Kaplan Venables, The Global Resilience Project is not just a community—it’s a movement that transforms adversity into strength, one powerful story at a time.