Bold and Brilliant: Women in the Business World 2023


Zarine Manchanda

In the bustling heart of Mumbai, a woman with extraordinary vision and unyielding determination is shaping the future of India’s business landscape. Meet Dr. Zarine Manchanda, a charismatic entrepreneur, dedicated philanthropist, and a beacon of hope for the nation’s marginalized communities.

Ellen Voie

Women In Trucking Association, Inc.

Ellen Voie is a visionary leader and the founder of the Women In Trucking Association, Inc. Her career journey began in 2007 when she held the position of Manager of Recruiting and Retention programs at a major trucking company. Focused on attracting and retaining nontraditional groups as professional drivers, Ellen identified women as a key demographic worth accommodating. Drawing inspiration from her involvement in a women’s aviation group as a private pilot, she made the decision to establish an organization for women in the trucking industry.

Jaimine Johnson

Donald R. Kenney & Company Realty

Jaimine Johnson is a licensed realtor with a wealth of experience in the commercial real estate industry. She currently serves as the Director of Commercial Asset Management at Donald R. Kenney & Company Realty, where she oversees a team of professionals responsible for the management and leasing of a diverse portfolio of commercial properties.

June Klein

Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc.

June Klein stands as the CEO of Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc., a consultancy specializing in venture development management. She is a visionary leader, a global expert in financial technology, an innovative change-maker, and a problem-solving extraordinaire. Throughout her illustrious career, she has harnessed the power of her TMVi™ methodology, a versatile approach that has consistently enabled her to seamlessly integrate work, life, family, travel, and learning. This methodology propelled her from operational roles to strategic, non-linear leadership positions, keeping her at the forefront of the industry.

Rana Florida

Creative Class Group

Rana Florida stands as a trailblazer, steering the helm as the Chief Executive Officer of the Creative Class Group (CCG). At the forefront of new business development, marketing, consulting, and research, she has spearheaded global operations, serving an impressive array of clients, including industry giants like Meta (Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram), BMW, Converse, IBM, Cirque du Soleil, Audi, Zappos, and Starwood Hotels.