Elevating Lives and Leadership: The Inspiring Journey of Colleen Callander and Shannah Kennedy

In the dynamic realm of personal and professional development, Shannah Kennedy and Colleen Callander stand out as the driving force behind Human Elevation—a powerhouse collaboration between an award-winning CEO and Australia’s leading strategic life coach. United by a common mission to uplift and empower women across generations, their shared passion is succinctly encapsulated in one powerful word: ELEVATE.

Shannah Kennedy, a celebrated author and life strategist, boasts a rich background in coaching elite athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, sporting leaders, and high-performing executives and teams. Her impressive repertoire includes the global bestseller “The Life Plan” and six other impactful books published by Penguin Random House. Colleen Callander, an award-winning CEO with a remarkable 30-year career in retail, held the helm at iconic Australian fashion brands Sportsgirl and Sussan for 13 years. Her expertise lies in brand-building and creating winning cultures that inspire and empower women. Colleen is also the author of “LEADER BY DESIGN – Be Empowered to Lead with Confidence in Business and in Life.”

Now in their 50s, Shannah and Colleen have synergized their skills and experiences to establish Human Elevation. Operating under the three pillars of Life, Leadership, and Longevity, their mission is to lead women to new heights of success and fulfillment. Through initiatives like the ‘walk the world’ with women program, immersive leadership days, keynote presentations, masterclasses, and their newly released book, “ELEVATE – Unlock Your Extraordinary Potential,” Shannah and Colleen aim to inspire and elevate individuals to their fullest potential.

A Glimpse into Human Elevation: Transformative Life and Leadership

As women who have traversed diverse career paths, Shannah and Colleen understand the transformative power of combining life and leadership experiences. Human Elevation offers a range of services and products designed to unlock the extraordinary potential within individuals. Under the three pillars of Life, Leadership, and Longevity, their programs and offerings include immersive leadership days, keynote presentations, masterclasses, and the insightful book “ELEVATE – Unlock Your Extraordinary Potential.” The ‘walk the world’ with women program stands out as a unique and impactful initiative, fostering connection, empowerment, and personal growth.

When asked about her inspiration for pursuing a leadership role in the business world, Colleen Callander shares a vision fueled by a determination to challenge the status quo. Her goal was to reshape traditional leadership norms and make a positive impact on individuals, recognizing them as the greatest asset within any organization. Prioritizing people, purpose, and kindness, Colleen’s approach as a CEO for 13 years centered on fostering winning cultures and cultivating environments that empowered and inspired women to thrive and shine.

The Unique Qualities of Women in Leadership: A Perspective from Shannah and Colleen

Shannah and Colleen firmly believe that women bring a unique set of qualities to leadership positions, qualities that drive innovation and positive change. These strengths include empathy, collaboration, and a holistic approach to problem-solving. By embracing these attributes, women leaders cultivate diverse perspectives, foster inclusive environments, and create a culture that values every voice. In their experience, this results in a more balanced and forward-thinking leadership style, contributing to the growth and success of individuals and organizations alike.

Advice for Aspiring Women Leaders: Building Self-Awareness and Embracing Challenges

When asked about advice for young women aspiring to pursue careers in leadership and business innovation, Shannah Kennedy and Colleen Callander offer invaluable insights. They encourage aspiring leaders to establish a solid foundation of self-awareness and view challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth. The duo emphasizes the importance of understanding and managing emotions, bouncing back from challenges, and building genuine confidence. Additionally, they stress the significance of incorporating personal values and a sense of purpose into the leadership journey, highlighting the importance of self-care, health, and well-being through positive habits and clear boundaries.

Mentorship and Guidance: The Power of Belief

Reflecting on their own journeys, Shannah and Colleen share the profound impact of mentorship and guidance from other women in power. Both have been fortunate to receive remarkable support during moments of self-doubt. This unwavering belief instilled confidence, enabling them to take significant strides in their careers, knowing that their mentors were ready to provide support and guidance whenever challenges arose. Today, their shared mission is to be that source of support for other women, assisting them not only in their leadership journeys but also in navigating life’s challenges.

Drawing on their extensive experience, Shannah and Colleen highlight key factors for businesses to create a supportive environment for women to thrive and lead. They emphasize the importance of promoting inclusivity and diversity, valuing and actively listening to women’s perspectives. Flexible work arrangements contribute to a more balanced work-life structure, and mentorship programs are crucial for providing guidance and advancement opportunities. A commitment to pay equity and equal promotional opportunities fosters an empowering workplace for women, cultivating a culture that recognizes and appreciates their unique contributions. Addressing the perennial question of balancing professional and personal life, Shannah and Colleen assert that it is indeed achievable. They advocate for prioritization, self-care, and setting clear boundaries. The key, they believe, lies in prioritizing quality over quantity, challenging societal expectations, and fostering a supportive environment that respects personal limits. Achieving balance requires a shift in mindset and a conscious effort for women to prioritize what truly matters to them.

Looking ahead, Shannah and Colleen express their hopes for transformative shifts in gender equality and women’s empowerment in the business world over the next decade. They envision equal representation in leadership, the closure of the gender pay gap, and widespread adoption of flexible work policies. Empowerment initiatives and inclusive company cultures, they believe, will pave the way for a more equitable future, fostering innovation and thriving workplaces.

The Crucial Role of Networking: Tips for Women in Leadership

Shannah and Colleen underline the importance of networking for women in leadership, considering it a pivotal pathway for career advancement and accessing opportunities. They stress that authenticity is key to effective networking, encouraging women to share their experiences, challenges, aspirations, and dreams with like-minded individuals. Genuine interactions not only facilitate professional growth but also nurture a supportive network that uplifts each other.

Shannah Kennedy and Colleen Callander’s journey is a testament to their dedication to empowerment, transformation, and the elevation of lives and leadership. Through their initiative, Human Elevation, they serve as guiding lights, inspiring and empowering individuals to unlock their extraordinary potential. Their commitment to inclusivity and empowerment paves the way for a brighter, more equitable future. To delve deeper into their inspiring journey and insights, visit Human Elevation and explore the transformative pages of their book, “ELEVATE – Unlock Your Extraordinary Potential.”