Rhonda Vetere – Trailblazer Global Technology Leader around the World

Rhonda Vetere, a renowned leader in the technology industry, has had an exceptional career journey that began at a young age. Growing up in Virginia, Rhonda’s strong work ethic was instilled in her by her mother, who emphasized the importance of hard work to achieve goals. She started working at the age of 12 and continued to work tirelessly throughout her life. While she initially aspired to pursue a career in fashion during her teenage years, her path led her to the world of technology, where she has thrived for over two decades.

Defining leadership as a sacred responsibility, Rhonda Vetere embodies the qualities of a servant leader. She believes in leading people through change by providing transparency and leading by example. With a focus on communication, she ensures that her team is aligned with the end state vision. In her book, “Grit & Grind,” Rhonda shares ten principles that contribute to successful leadership, drawing from real-life business situations to offer valuable insights.

As a woman in a leadership position, Rhonda has faced challenges in predominantly male-dominated industries. However, she has overcome these obstacles by relying on facts, data, and business results rather than succumbing to opinions or perceptions. Rhonda expresses her gratitude towards her colleagues for their support and sponsorship throughout her career.

Balancing the demands of work and personal life is a topic close to Rhonda’s heart. In 2017, she took up the challenge of participating in Ironman 70.3 races, and it became her outlet for achieving balance. Engaging in physical activities like these allows her to find clarity of thought and strategic planning away from technology. Having completed over 97 races and 16 Ironman 70.3 events, Rhonda truly embodies the spirit of an all-world athlete.

As a leader, Rhonda Vetere acknowledges the difficult decisions that come with the role. She mentions that letting people go during a reduction in force is always challenging. To approach such decisions, she adopts an open, empathetic, and transparent approach, putting herself in the shoes of those affected.

Promoting diversity and inclusion is a core value for Rhonda. She has established Veterans Employee Resource Groups and Women in Technology resource groups within her organizations, ensuring that everyone is included and represented. Rhonda’s commitment to equity in the workplace extends beyond her professional life. She is proud of her initiative to raise awareness for mental health and prevent veteran suicide by organizing a team of riders for a race across America, covering a distance of 3,080 miles.

To stay up-to-date with industry trends and innovations, Rhonda actively engages with CIO Advisory Boards, serves on Boards of Directors, advises companies, and keeps a finger on the pulse of emerging technologies. She has also appeared on FOX & Friends, sharing her expertise on Artificial Intelligence.

Handling conflict within her team is something Rhonda tackles head-on. She believes in bringing all parties together and encouraging open communication to resolve disagreements effectively. This approach promotes a culture of collaboration and respect within the team.

Reflecting on her achievements, Rhonda takes pride in successfully leading over 23 mergers and acquisitions in the industry, each completed within 18-24 months. Outside of work, she cherishes the accomplishment of racing across America with a team to raise awareness for mental health and prevent veteran suicide.

For aspiring women leaders in business, Rhonda advises finding mentors outside of their industry, highlighting the importance of diverse perspectives and guidance. Taking risks is also an essential aspect of leadership, and Rhonda weighs them carefully by analyzing data and seeking feedback from stakeholders.

Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and customers is crucial to Rhonda Vetere. Communication plays a pivotal role in establishing trust and fostering long-term partnerships. She values relationships deeply, prioritizing meaningful connections over transactional interactions.

Rhonda’s commitment to gender equality and empowering women in the workplace goes beyond words. She actively participates in races that promote “race for change” and raise awareness for causes close to her heart.

When it comes to measuring the success of her organization, Rhonda believes in continuous self-improvement, being true to oneself, seeking mentors from different backgrounds, and never ceasing to learn.

Rhonda Vetere’s journey as a leader in the technology industry serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals. Her relentless work ethic, commitment to transparency and communication, and dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion set a remarkable example for leaders across all industries.

Rhonda is an exceptional individual who is about to achieve a remarkable milestone in her career. This year, she will complete her 100th race, which includes marathons, half marathons, endurance races, and the challenging Ironman 70.3. In addition to these impressive accomplishments, Rhonda has also taken part in the renowned Race Across America. Her dedication and perseverance make her a true leader, leading by example through her actions. Rhonda is widely recognized as a global authority in the field of STEM through Sports, focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math. She continues to inspire others with her passion and expertise, leaving a lasting impact on the world.