Anna Vasyutina: Empowerment through Resilience and Reinvention

Anna Vasyutina, a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, was born into an affluent family, which initially prospered through successful entrepreneurial and investment ventures. However, the socio-economic landscape shifted with the arrival of Gorbachev, leading to substantial financial setbacks.

Subsequently, Anna embarked on a multifaceted journey encompassing singing, acting, modeling, and advertising across a diverse array of locales including the USSR, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Paris, and London. This period of artistic success was later overshadowed by a shift in familial dynamics. At the age of 7, she moved in with her more conservative parents, who began exerting significant control over her life. While the schooling she received was commendable, it diverged from her natural inclinations, which were more aligned with her aptitude for business and investment. Her fondness for her liberal-minded grandparents, whom she had previously lived with, further intensified this discord.

“Success is not defined by circumstances; it’s the unwavering determination to rise above them that truly counts.” – Anna Vasyutina

Anna’s parents experienced a pronounced financial downturn, losing a considerable fortune during the Gorbachev era. Her father’s career veered away from its original trajectory within the federal service, while her mother’s role shifted from assistant to a more subordinate capacity. Their job prospects only resurged during the Putin era.

Throughout her educational journey, Anna’s enthusiasm for languages, arts, and mythology was apparent. Her proficiency expanded to encompass not only her native tongue but also a range of other languages including French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin. While her attendance at a renowned school was marked by academic success, it was set against a backdrop of socioeconomic disparity within the St. Petersburg community.

Anna’s transition to St. Petersburg State University’s Law Faculty was influenced by parental influence, despite her inherent expertise in economics and investment. The subsequent years saw her involvement in the realm of comedy, including participation in KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive) – a testament to her versatility.

Upon obtaining her Master’s degree in International Law, Anna’s professional trajectory encompassed significant roles with prominent firms such as Deloitte, KPMG, Rusal, Mechel, Ritzio Entertainment Group, and White & Case. She also contributed to the entertainment sector as an actress and comedian. Her move to Moscow was followed by a series of successful ventures, culminating in her current involvement in IT, Digital Marketing, and Real Estate. Notably, she has contributed to notable real estate companies including Shobha Estate and Damac Properties in various countries.

Anna’s commitment to fostering independence, both personally and financially, is underpinned by her extensive background and educational achievements. She provides invaluable insights as a top-tier manager with an MBA and a Master of Finance and Investment from Oxford University. Her guidance extends to cultivating a sense of personal freedom, environmental consciousness, and empathy towards others.

Navigating a career as a woman has entailed overcoming formidable challenges, including racial and gender discrimination. She has faced these obstacles across diverse professional landscapes, from Russia to Dubai, India, and beyond. Despite these hurdles, Anna is steadfast in her mission to empower women, emphasizing the importance of honesty, prudence, and thoughtfulness in achieving lasting success.

“Empowerment is not just about breaking barriers; it’s about building bridges of possibility for ourselves and others.” – Anna Vasyutina

Anna Vasyutina’s narrative is one of resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth. Her story serves as an inspiring example of overcoming adversity, embracing change, and pursuing one’s passions with dedication and purpose.

Notable recognitions and accreditations received.

Following are the notable and accreditations received by Anna

and her organization –

2022- Forbes magazine, India-Dubai,

UAE-Russia, Moscow

2021-Oxford University, Master of

Finance and Investment

2021-City of investors, Gold certificates, Moscow, Russia

2021-Two Programmes, Conscious Investor, Financial Freedom, Courses 2021 – Two Programmes, Conscious Investor, Financial Freedom, Courses

2020-2021-Moscow courses on Finance and Investment

2014-2015-St Georges University, London, Serious Advanced Courses on Finance, Investment, Marketing, English in Upper Intermediate and Advanced (A)

2014-2015- Warwick Business School, Executive MBA degree

2011-2013-Preparation to MBA

2008-2010- IELTS or TOEFL

2006-2010- MGIMO University Moscow

HSE University, Moscow-London

MSAL University, Moscow-London

2006-2008-MSU named Lomonosov honours

2000-2006-SPRSU University, Saint- Petersburg, combined with Austria, Vienne, Zalsburg (honours)

1990-2000 Saint Petersburg State Gymnasium under State Russian Museum, honours good result


2021-Italian language, University di Padua

2019-2021-Spanish language, Babbel Application and Course, self-learning

1990-2000, 2016-2018-French language, self-learning, course of 16-th lessons

“In the midst of challenges, I found my strength, and in adversity, I discovered my true calling.” – Anna Vasyutina