Natasha Makhijani: Trailblazing CEO and Advocate for Diversity

Natasha Makhijani, the dynamic and accomplished CEO of Oliver Sanderson Group PLC and SnappCV, who has made remarkable strides in the world of executive search and digital recruitment innovation. Recognized by esteemed organizations such as the House of Lords, Global Recruiter, APSCo, and the Recruiter Awards, Natasha has become a prominent figure in the business world.

Natasha’s journey began in the recruitment industry, where her passion for connecting talented individuals with their dream opportunities ignited. Starting her career at Hays and later joining Michael Page, Natasha gained invaluable experience that fueled her entrepreneurial spirit. In 2011, she founded Oliver Sanderson, transforming it from a humble dining room startup into an international executive search firm at the forefront of the industry. As the CEO of SnappCV, Natasha pioneers a digital recruitment platform that leverages technology-driven solutions, breaking down barriers for job seekers and employers alike. With voice-search technology and integration with Amazon Alexa, SnappCV prioritizes efficiency, accessibility, and inclusivity in the job search process.

Beyond her role as a business leader, Natasha is a fervent advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Her influence extends to thought leadership, speaking engagements, and the establishment of charities focused on diversifying corporate leadership. Reflecting on the challenges women face in the business world, Natasha highlights biases and stereotypes that hinder women’s recognition, opportunities, and progression. She emphasizes the importance of collective efforts to challenge stereotypes and create inclusive environments for women to thrive.

Natasha envisions a future of business where gender equality and diversity are integral to every aspect. Embracing diverse perspectives, she believes, fosters innovation, enhances decision-making, and drives organizational success. A pinnacle moment in Natasha’s career came with the recent presentation of prestigious leadership awards at the UK House of Lords. Oliver Sanderson Group PLC was awarded “Best Emerging Brand & Leaders” in Business Consulting, while Natasha was honored as the “Best Emerging Leader” for 2023. These awards recognize the exceptional contributions and hard work put into a major rebranding exercise at Oliver Sanderson and the development of SnappCV.

In overcoming obstacles, Natasha emphasizes resilience, adaptability, and a growth mindset. Leveraging strategic partnerships, innovative solutions, and a supportive team, she navigates challenges and achieves goals while prioritizing continuous learning and embracing change. Natasha Makhijani recognizes the importance of work-life balance and well-being. Advocating for a culture that promotes flexibility and holistic wellness, Natasha emphasizes the need to find harmony between professional and personal commitments. Her personal routine includes morning exercises, setting the tone for a focused and productive day, aligning her mind and body.

At Oliver Sanderson Group PLC, inclusivity and diversity are not just ideals but integral aspects embedded in every operation. From inclusive hiring practices to mentorship programs and diversity initiatives, Natasha ensures that every voice is heard and valued. Their unique approach to executive search includes presenting diverse shortlists to clients blind, removing any potential for bias and promoting fair evaluation based on skills and experiences. Natasha’s advice to aspiring women leaders is grounded in embracing unique strengths, cultivating resilience, and actively seeking mentorship and support networks. She encourages women to champion diversity, challenge barriers, and seize opportunities, emphasizing the potential for a significant impact in their respective fields.

In Natasha’s experience, businesses benefit immensely from gender diversity in leadership roles. Diverse leadership teams bring varied perspectives, fostering creativity, driving innovation, and enhancing overall organizational performance. A gender-balanced leadership culture promotes inclusivity and equity, aligning with the diverse needs of employees. Natasha is enthusiastic about ongoing initiatives, including the development of SnappCV and other innovative solutions advancing diversity and inclusion in executive search. An upcoming project, the “shadow boards” initiative, aims to cultivate diverse leadership pipelines and instigate meaningful change in client organizations.

Natasha prioritizes staying informed about industry trends by committing to continuous learning, engaging in professional development opportunities, and fostering a culture of curiosity and innovation within her organization. Collaborating with industry peers and thought leaders keeps Oliver Sanderson at the forefront of the executive search field. Mentorship and networking have been pivotal in Natasha’s career journey, providing guidance, support, and invaluable insights. Recognizing the power of networking in facilitating connections, knowledge sharing, and opportunities for growth, Natasha acknowledges their significant contribution to personal and professional development.

Natasha emphasizes that the business community can better support and empower women by fostering inclusive cultures, implementing equitable policies, and providing mentorship and sponsorship opportunities. Collaborative efforts to challenge biases and create pathways for advancement are crucial for driving meaningful change, emphasizing the need for more women in leadership positions. Looking ahead, Natasha foresees increased emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion, with businesses prioritizing these principles as strategic imperatives. Women, in Natasha’s vision, will play pivotal roles in shaping the future of business, driving innovation, and leading organizations towards greater success and societal impact.

Natasha Makhijani’s journey is an inspiring testament to the transformative impact women leaders can make in the business world. As a beacon of success, she not only exemplifies professional excellence but also champions diversity and inclusion. Natasha’s achievements stand as a powerful source of inspiration for aspiring leaders, emphasizing the importance of breaking barriers and fostering a more inclusive and equitable future. Her story resonates as a reminder that empowered women empower businesses, driving positive change and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of the professional world.