Spotlight on Empathy: Unveiling Tips for Shining Bright with Cathy Spaas

Cathy Spaas, a single mother, adventurer, and an empath coach who found her calling in the world of professional performance. Cathy, surrounded by her two kids, a dog, two cats, and five horses, is not just a coach but a beacon of light for those navigating the challenging waters of spotlight stress and pressure in their careers.

Cathy embarked on her coaching journey seven years ago, initially focusing on empaths and gradually transitioning to working exclusively with professional performers. Her unique approach emphasizes recognizing and harnessing the superpowers within individuals, providing proven techniques to navigate the demands of their industries. Beyond individual coaching, Cathy extends her expertise to teams in high-pressure environments, aiding them in building resilience for peak performance.

Cathy’s journey traces back to her fearless days as an equestrian, facing the pressures of high-level performance during her teenage years. Struggling with confidence and self-belief, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, eventually finding tools that brought peace to her empathic and overactive mind. Her shift from working with horses for three decades to coaching empaths and performers was a transformative experience, marking a return to her roots. According to Cathy, women in the business world face multifaceted challenges. She highlights enduring stereotypes, the need to juggle numerous responsibilities in less supportive environments, self-judgment, and societal expectations as significant hurdles. However, Cathy sees a positive shift as women rise, support one another, and collectively challenge the status quo.

Envisioning the Future of Business:

Cathy envisions a future where women, with their inherent qualities and superpowers, play pivotal roles in leadership positions. She believes that the world, be it in general, sports, or business, needs more empathy – a quality she sees as an innate strength of women. While Cathy is humbled by her experiences working with celebrities, being interviewed, and appearing on global media, she identifies her life’s design as her most significant achievement. Balancing work, family, and personal freedom, along with working with grateful clients, encapsulates the dream she envisioned for herself.

Cathy’s success mantra is simple – keep going. You can adjust your approach, take a small step back, or charge forward, as long as you keep moving in alignment with the rhythm of your personal needs. This, according to her, is the only sustainable strategy for long-term success.

Work-Life Balance and Well-being:

For Cathy, the concept of work-life balance is a misnomer. Instead, she emphasizes creating inner balance, intertwining self-care routines with work and personal life. Her unwavering commitment to mindwork, healthy eating, regular exercise, quality sleep, and mindful social interactions forms the foundation of her resilience, proving that there’s no shortcut to success except doing the inner work.

Advice for Aspiring Women Leaders:

For women aspiring to make a significant impact, Cathy’s advice is clear: be your own biggest cheerleader. She emphasizes the importance of self-belief and encourages women to move away from doubt. Instead of questioning how things will work, claim confidently that this is happening. There is no other option. By eliminating doubt, success becomes a natural consequence, reinforcing the idea that one must be the driving force behind one’s achievements. Cathy sees the inherent qualities of women, such as heightened empathy and attention to detail, as invaluable assets for businesses. Drawing a parallel between leading a company and running a family, she asserts that women are naturally equipped for leadership roles. Their ability to perceive the needs of others and adapt to different situations makes them excellent leaders in any organizational setting.

Current Goals:

Cathy is currently dedicated to completing her self-help book, “Spotlight Stress – How to Build Confidence, Find Your Superpower, and Claim Your Shine.” The book not only shares Cathy’s coaching modality but also includes the experiences and success strategies of famous actors. Her goal is to inspire and provide practical tools to support professionals in the spotlight worldwide. Additionally, Cathy is focusing on coaching teams in demanding industries to help them build resilience at the highest level.

The Power of Mentorship:

Cathy attributes her success to being open to receiving mentorship. She believes that having a sparring partner, especially for a coach who plays that role professionally, sets individuals apart. Networking, according to Cathy, is about reciprocity, allowing individuals to support each other on their journeys and share inspiring stories with a broader audience. For those aspiring to play in the big leagues, having a network and mentor(s) is crucial.

Advice for Claiming your Shine:

Cathy’s advice for women to claim their shine revolves around acknowledging their inner strength. She encourages daily practices to amplify the divine within, such as starting the day with grateful thoughts, appreciating oneself in the mirror, leading with kindness at work, and consistently showing grace. Cathy emphasizes that this journey doesn’t have to be undertaken alone. She positions herself as a sparring partner, offering inspiration through her show Spotlight Stress, social media and a free inspiration call to guide professionals in claiming their shine.

Rise above obstacles:

You can schedule your free inspiration session with Cathy here.

In closing, Cathy Spaas radiates love, light, and laughter, extending her unwavering support to women poised to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and the confident claiming of their well-deserved spotlight in the professional realm. Her inspiring story serves as a beacon, showcasing the remarkable resilience and empathy that strengthens from aligning with one’s inner self. Cathy encourages us all to embrace challenges, prioritize well-being, and cultivate a supportive community so we can rise above obstacles in the dynamic landscape of the business world.