Taste, Tradition, and Triumph: Inside the World of Oporto

Founded in 1986 by Antonio Cerqueira, Oporto emerged in the heart of Bondi Beach, Sydney, introducing a fresh culinary approach with vibrant flavors. Inspired by traditional Portuguese charcoal cooking known as ‘Churrasco,’ Antonio infused his chicken with a blend of citrus, garlic, and chili, captivating the taste buds of locals and surfers alike. Initially gaining traction with Bondi lifeguards and surfing enthusiasts, Oporto steadily expanded its offerings, co-creating the renowned Bondi Burger—a savory delight crafted to be savored with one hand while holding your surfboard on the beach with the other. Over time, the brand evolved under private ownership since 2007 and is now managed by franchisor Craveable Brands, a leading name in Australia’s chicken Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector.

Today, Oporto boasts a network of over 200 stores across various Australian states, offering an array of delectable options, including burgers, rappas, bowls, and flame-grilled chicken—all bursting with flavor. Notably, the signature Bondi Burger, paired with Oporto’s original chili sauce, remains a customer favorite, embodying the essence of the brand. In response to evolving consumer preferences, Oporto has expanded its menu to include healthier alternatives such as wraps, salad bowls, and sides like Portuguese salad and grilled corn. Moreover, the brand has embraced a premium dining experience, offering both table service at its restaurants for family gatherings and convenient take-away options for cozy meals at home.

For aspiring franchisees, Oporto provides comprehensive support and training to ensure success. Through a ten-week induction program blending classroom, hands-on, and in-store sessions, franchise partners gain invaluable retail qualifications and operational insights. Furthermore, Franchise Business Managers actively engage in pre-launch planning and promotional strategies, fostering a culture of collaboration and success. At the core of Oporto’s philosophy lies a commitment to the success of its franchise partners. With a dedication to open communication and ongoing support, the brand prioritizes the well-being and prosperity of its franchisees, recognizing that their success is integral to the brand’s continued growth and success.

What makes Oporto stand out in the Australian Quick Service Food industry? It’s not just about the food—it’s the vibrant, youthful atmosphere that infuses every aspect of Oporto’s restaurants. With three main formats—foodcourts, shop fronts, and drive-thrus—Oporto strategically positions stores to captivate customers wherever they go. The franchise network thrives on success stories and testimonials from passionate partners like Janette Slominski, who operates Oporto Melbourne Central. After 22 years as a finance consultant, Janette embarked on a new adventure with Oporto in 2011 alongside her brother Aron—and they haven’t looked back since. Impressed by the organized business model and the welcoming atmosphere fostered by the CEO and management group, Janette highlights the sense of family and mutual support among franchisees.

At Oporto, the philosophy is simple: serve delicious food and treat everyone like family. They value the feedback and experiences shared by franchise partners, which enrich their community and inspire growth.

Interested in joining the Oporto family? They are on the lookout for individuals who are passionate about hard work, customer satisfaction, and great food. If you possess strong leadership and communication skills, coupled with business acumen, they’ll provide you with the necessary knowledge and support to thrive as a franchise partner.

The initial investment for an Oporto franchise typically ranges between $400,000 and $800,000 (plus GST), depending on whether you opt for a new or existing store. The Oporto Franchising Team will provide detailed information on ongoing fees and costs through their Disclosure Document, ensuring transparency and clarity from the outset. When it comes to selecting franchise locations, they have dedicated agents constantly scouting for prime sites. However, they also welcome recommendations from potential franchisees, allowing for collaborative decision-making in determining territory and location. For new builds, Oporto offers a turnkey operation, managing everything from construction to fit-out completion while franchise partners undergo training, ensuring a seamless transition into business ownership.

Join Oporto and embark on a flavorful journey filled with opportunities, community, and the satisfaction of serving mouthwatering Portuguese cuisine to delighted customers across Australia.

As with any business endeavor, franchisees may encounter challenges along the way. Oporto acknowledges the cost pressures that franchise partners may face and address them through creative problem-solving and thinking long-term. Oporto’s parent company is Craveable Brands, Australia’s largest chicken QSR that also owns Red Rooster, Chicken Treat and Chargrill Charlie’s. This means that together, the four iconic, chicken-based restaurant brands have unparalleled buying power. When it comes to assessing profitability and financial performance, individual store outcomes can vary based on factors such as location and operational strategies. Oporto encourages franchisees to prepare their own financial projections with the guidance of independent accounting advice, ensuring informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

Maintaining consistency in quality is paramount to Oporto’s success. From comprehensive training programs for franchise partners to ongoing support and feedback mechanisms, they prioritize excellence at every level. Their investment in technology systems and software facilitates real-time performance monitoring, empowering their teams to identify areas for improvement promptly. Additionally, Oporto actively seeks and values feedback from franchisees, leveraging their insights to enhance operations and uphold the brand’s high standards across our network.

Looking ahead, Oporto is committed to driving robust growth and innovation within their existing 200 plus store network. By staying true to Oporto’s core values of adventurous flavors and shared experiences, they aim to solidify their position as a go-to destination for delicious cuisine enjoyed with family and friends. With a steadfast focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences and embracing opportunities for expansion, Oporto remains poised for continued success in the dynamic Australian market.Top of FormBottom of Form