Toni-Ann Feeney: A Trailblazer in Technology and Business Strategy

Toni-Ann Feeney is synonymous with leadership, innovation, and a profound dedication to the intersection of technology and business strategy. A devoted wife and proud mother of three energetic boys, Toni-Ann’s career journey spans over two decades, marked by transformative learning experiences and an unwavering commitment to continuous growth. After graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in Accounting and Information Systems, Toni-Ann’s professional odyssey commenced at a top system integration firm. She honed her skills in enterprise business applications for eight years, specifically focusing on data integration and Oracle technology. This foundational period laid the groundwork for her subsequent ventures into digital transformation.

Embracing change, Toni-Ann transitioned to a boutique firm, Peloton Consulting Group, where she spearheaded the opening of a new Metro NY office. Her leadership transformed the region into one of the firm’s fastest and most profitable, a testament to her belief in her abilities and hunger for growth. Her journey includes pivotal contributions to expanding Peloton’s service offerings, from introducing managed services to building a thriving Anaplan Practice. Toni-Ann is embarking on an exciting new chapter, designing, developing, and growing a NetSuite Practice for Peloton. Her confidence stems from years of expertise, and she envisions leveraging her knowledge to drive revolution and deliver tangible value to the firm. Motivated by a constant quest for learning and a passion for helping customers digitally transform, Toni-Ann is a dynamic force in the business world.

As a leader, Toni-Ann’s passion lies in inspiring teams, fostering collaboration, and maintaining open, honest communication. When leading with these traits, she and her teams can embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, creating an inclusive culture where everyone thrives. Her leadership style aligns seamlessly with Peloton’s culture of teamwork and diversity, cultivating a workplace where every individual feels valued and empowered. Under Toni-Ann’s guidance, Peloton Consulting Group envisions, implements, and realizes the benefits of digital transformation. Specializing in Enterprise Performance Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management, Customer Experience, Analytics, and Data Management for the cloud, Peloton brings people, processes, and technology together to help organizations go further faster.

Toni-Ann’s journey was inspired by remarkable women mentors who instilled the importance of growth, continuous learning, and empowerment. Her commitment to fostering an inclusive environment stems from the diverse leadership styles she encountered early in her career, and she pays it forward by creating impactful experiences for others. Despite navigating challenges, Toni-Ann prioritizes work-life balance and challenges stereotypes in the male-dominated IT field. Leading by example, she actively engages all team members, ensuring everyone has a voice and can contribute diverse perspectives. Her management has led to significant progress, breaking barriers and fostering confidence among her team.

From Toni-Ann’s perspective, women bring unique qualities to leadership positions that are instrumental in driving modernization and positive change. With an exceptional capacity to multitask effectively while integrating emotional and intellectual intelligence, women leaders like Toni-Ann contribute to significant advancements and enhance a company’s innovative capacity. Their ability to navigate dynamic environments with agility, efficiency, and a holistic view of complex situations enables them to spearhead initiatives that drive change swiftly and ensure attention to detail. Furthermore, Toni-Ann highlights the innate emotional intelligence of women leaders, emphasizing its pivotal role in cultivating cohesive teams and fostering a collaborative work culture. By recognizing and valuing diverse perspectives and experiences, women leaders create environments where individuals feel empowered to contribute their best work. This emphasis on teamwork fosters a shared sense of purpose, propelling improvement and positive change. Her unique qualities as a multitasker and emotionally intelligent leader have enabled her to drive innovation and positive change in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

When asked about promoting diversity and inclusion within her organization, especially concerning women in leadership, Toni-Ann emphasizes the importance of inclusion over diversity. She believes in the ongoing journey of learning and growing together, breaking down barriers, and celebrating what makes each person unique. Toni-Ann practices meritocracy and skill-based assessments, ensuring equal opportunities for advancement regardless of gender or background. Toni-Ann actively champions mentorship programs and leadership development opportunities to foster an inclusive culture where every team member can thrive. Feeney, a trailblazer in the business world, imparts invaluable advice to young women aspiring to pursue leadership and careers in businesses. She emphasizes the importance of embracing authenticity and fostering an environment of trust and kindness. Toni-Ann believes that leaders lead more effectively by prioritizing authenticity and continuous learning and inspire those around them to reach their full potential.

Drawing from her background, Toni-Ann illuminates the importance of creating a supportive environment for women to thrive in the workplace. She advocates for building a culture of trust, understanding, and inclusion. Businesses can benefit from nuanced understandings and emotional intelligence in decision-making by recognizing and leveraging diverse perspectives, including those unique to women. Her genuine care and interest in the well-being of her team members exemplify the approach needed to foster a supportive work environment.

Furthermore, Toni-Ann explores the role of technology and digital transformation in empowering women in the business world. She believes that technology and women’s inherent strengths lead to remarkable progress. Digital collaboration tools facilitate seamless communication, AI-driven analytics provide valuable insights, and flexible work arrangements empower women to excel in their careers while balancing personal responsibilities. A seasoned leader, Toni-Ann shares insights into balancing professional and personal life, believing in its achievability with intentional efforts. Acknowledging her ongoing journey in mastering this balance, Toni-Ann emphasizes self-care, establishing boundaries, embracing flexibility, practicing mindfulness, and fostering supportive relationships. Her commitment to a harmonious life underscores the importance of intentional well-being, resilience, and a fulfilling life.

In advocating for more women in traditionally male-dominated industries, Toni-Ann highlights the need for a multifaceted approach. Early investment in educational initiatives targeting girls in STEM subjects lays the foundation for future success. Creating inclusive workplace cultures, fair hiring practices, and mentorship programs contribute to equal opportunities for career growth. By championing diversity, equity, and inclusion, leaders inspire confidence in young women to enter the workforce and engage effectively across organizations, ultimately creating a more inclusive and representative workforce.

Reflecting on a successful customer experience driving innovation, Toni-Ann shares an example of a diverse team partnering with a leading organization in their digital transformation journey. The team, comprising of professionals from various cultural backgrounds and genders, brought multifaceted perspectives. Gender and cultural diversity were pivotal in understanding user experience, customer needs, and holistic problem-solving. The inclusive culture fostered an environment where all team members felt empowered to contribute ideas, leading to transformative outcomes for the client. This success story exemplifies the power of diverse teams driving meaningful change in the digital era. Toni-Ann envisions a future business world where gender is no longer a topic of discussion, but inclusivity prevails. She hopes for a landscape where women in leadership roles are not merely commonplace but celebrated, free from barriers and glass ceilings.  She also sees a workplace where pay equity is fundamental, determined solely by merit, and where workplaces transform into inclusive ecosystems with family-friendly policies and flexible arrangements, fostering harmony between professional ambitions and personal obligations.

Looking ahead, Toni-Ann desires a cultural shift that eradicates gender stereotypes and biases and promotes diversity in all its forms. She envisions workplaces celebrating differences as strengths, fostering creativity and teamwork. Accountability and transparency are guiding principles, ensuring organizations are committed to diversity and inclusion. Reflecting on the importance of networking for women in leadership, she stresses its significance in professional growth, mentorship, and career advancement. She advocates for authenticity and genuine interest in connecting with others. Toni-Ann’s networking tips include being strategic in goals, building meaningful relationships, offering value to connections, being visible in industry events, and maintaining regular follow-ups.

Toni-Ann believes businesses and society must work together to support women in leadership roles. Organizations should acknowledge leaders’ multifaceted lives, providing flexibility and understanding of personal responsibilities. Tailored resources, mentorship programs, and inclusive networking opportunities can empower women on their journey. Cultivating a culture of empathy and mutual respect breaks down barriers, paving the way for gender equality and women’s empowerment to flourish.

Toni-Ann imparts timeless wisdom for leaders at every stage of their journey. She underscores the enduring importance of authenticity and respect regardless of titles and positions. Her message is clear: be true to yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and lead with integrity. Toni-Ann advocates for incorporating fun into the leadership journey and emphasizes treating others with kindness and consideration. In the pursuit of excellence, Toni-Ann encourages leaders to prioritize customers, recognizing that by doing so, everything else falls into place. She emphasizes the profound impact of actions, no matter how small, and the potential to inspire, uplift, and empower those around you. Leading with purpose, heart, and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others is at the core of her philosophy.

Toni-Ann’s perspective on leadership extends beyond personal success to the importance of lifting others as you climb. By embodying authenticity, kindness, and empathy, leaders can achieve success and leave a legacy of inspiration and impact. As Toni-Ann highlights, leadership is a journey of self-discovery, connection, and leaving a positive mark on the world.