Inspiring Business Leaders Making a Difference in 2023


Cort Twitty

Cort Twitty, one half of the dynamic duo behind Horizon Asset Management Group (HAMG.CAPITAL). Alongside his business partner, Christian Shaw, Cort is the driving force behind this pioneering venture that is reshaping the landscape of entrepreneurial finance. Let’s delve into the inspiring story of Cort Twitty and the impactful journey of Horizon Asset Management Group.

Alvin Foo


A visionary leader who is at the forefront of transforming the landscape of asset trading – Mr. Alvin Foo, the co-founder of Nasdex. Nasdex, a licensed asset trading platform, is revolutionizing the way we trade and invest in real-world assets. From stocks to derivatives and real estate, Nasdex’s cutting-edge technology mirrors the intricacies of traditional equity markets, providing users with borderless opportunities and a glimpse into the future of finance. Alvin’s motivation stems from a blend of market opportunities, efficiency, transparency, and the democratization of investments. Nasdex opens doors to a growing market, offering efficient, secure, and transparent trading of tokenized assets.

Blair Kaplan

The Global Resilience Project

Blair Kaplan Venables, a grief and resilience expert, and the visionary Founder of The Global Resilience Project. With accolades from Forbes, CBC Radio, Entrepreneur, and Thrive Global, Blair stands as one of the top 10 conscious female leaders recognized by USA Today. As a motivational speaker, bestselling author, and host of the Radical Resilience podcast, Blair’s journey will soon be featured on Apple TV+ in the upcoming show ‘MyStory.’ In her spare time, she travels the world, writes, and passionately helps others strengthen their resilience muscles.

Keith Uthe

Keith Uthe serves as an Independent Mortgage Broker with Mortgage Alliance – Enrich Mortgage Group, in Calgary, Alberta, where he brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to redefine the mortgage experience. He is the driving force behind his vision of guiding clients towards a life of opportunity through mortgage lending services. As a top Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional, real estate investment advisor, and successful independent mortgage broker, Keith’s goal is clear: to provide clients with knowledgeable service, trusted guidance and the best mortgage options that will meet the client’s needs.

Livia Cevolini

Energica Motor Company

In the heart of Italy’s Motor Valley, there was a visionary leader named Livia Cevolini. Her journey began with a dream to revolutionize the world of mobility, not by adhering to tradition, but by rewriting its rules. As the CEO of Energica Motor Company, Livia embarked on a mission to create a sustainable future without compromising the thrill of the ride.

Nairouz Bader

Envision Partnership

In the heart of Dubai, Nairouz Bader, the dynamic CEO of Envision Partnership, stands as a beacon of leadership and empowerment in the global executive search and talent management landscape. With a career that unfolded unexpectedly, Nairouz’s journey is marked by a unique blend of pharmaceutical expertise, leadership acumen, and a commitment to fostering positive change in the community.