Jeremy M. Goldberg: Building trust and partnerships to make an impact

Meet Jeremy M. Goldberg, the WW Director of Government Operations and Infrastructure at Microsoft and the former CIO of New York State Govt. With a distinguished eight-year career in Public Service, Jeremy was drawn to Microsoft by its trusted reputation among Government customers. He firmly believes in the power of partnerships, technology, and creative storytelling to make an impact and positive social change. For Jeremy, Microsoft offers an excellent platform to fulfill these opportunities.

Defining Leadership and Overcoming Challenges:

Jeremy’s leadership style centers on being a “servant leader,” something he learned from coaches and mentors in public and private sector.  This means, fostering team engagement, and supporting colleagues and their unique ideas and experience. Over the years, he’s focused on building diverse teams, with varied experiences and skills which he personally finds inspiring. Throughout his public-sector career, Jeremy faced various challenges, from initially being overwhelmed in unfamiliar territory and topics to navigating complex political dynamics during transitions between different city offices. Despite the obstacles, he found joy in overcoming them and continuous learning.

Staying Ahead with the Latest Trends:

Jeremy stays up-to-date with industry trends through comprehensive research and ongoing interaction with other industry experts across Microsoft and its vast partner network. He reviews Gartner Reports, IDC publications, and other analyst resources related to Cities, Infrastructure, and Sustainability. Additionally, he enjoys exploring thought-provoking publications that infuse art, photography, and design like Monocle.  A friend got him a subscription for his birthday last year and now he’s booked. He also enjoys podcasts such as “The Verge cast” and “All In.” A Microsoft, Jeremy hosts the podcast “The Future of Infrastructure,” where he interviews global leaders, to learn from their experience with infrastructure projects and government. This is one of his favorite partnerships with Microsoft colleague’s operations.

Approach to Team Building and Talent Management:

Maintaining open dialogue and discourse is top of the list for Jeremy. He encourages unfiltered discussions and values the diversity of thought and creativity among any team he works with. He appreciates colleagues who challenge his perspectives and push him, leading to personal and professional growth. Data plays a crucial role in informing decisions, while flexibility and work-life balance are equally important for team members’ well-being and creativity.

Learning from his professional experiences during the COVID response and recovery in 2020, when most of the workforce was working from home, Jeremy saw and has embraced the significance of asynchronous sharing, communication, and learning. He advocates for a balanced approach that provides structure while allowing room for creativity and personal growth, accommodating different work styles and life situations.  He, in, fact, with a colleague published a research study on the Future of Hybrid Work as part of his innovation fellowship with Harvard

At Microsoft, Jeremy and colleagues launched “The World’s Fastest Infrastructure Podcast,” a 60-second, 3-question interview about cities, infrastructure, quality of life, and the future of Infrastructure. This unique and enjoyable approach garnered impressive views and impressions, particularly at dynamic venues where Microsoft participated or sponsored public sector events, starting with the Barcelona Smart Cities Expo in 2022 and SXSW 2023.

Building a Strong Brand:

In today’s market, Jeremy emphasizes the importance of trust. As a former public servant, he understands that trust is foundational. Technology users will engage with businesses they can trust, making trust a top priority in any branding strategy. For Jeremy, data serves as a grounding force to gauge a brand’s success. Having a clear strategy and identifying the data that will confirm its success ensures that brands know their direction and can assess the effectiveness of their efforts. Informed decision-making through analytics drives better outcomes for the brand.

Social Media’s Role in Branding:

Jeremy recognizes the significance of finding the right platform to engage with the audience, with the understanding that the preferences of the audience should inform the content and approach taken on different social media platforms. For Jeremy, social media is a two-way communication platform, emphasizing active listening as much as sharing compelling content.

Jeremy M. Goldberg, a worldwide government industry and brand leader at Microsoft, has a passion for driving change, fostering strong teams, and staying ahead of industry trends. With a focus on trust, data-driven strategies, and engagement through social media, Jeremy’s leadership has contributed significantly to Microsoft’s success in the dynamic world of government operations and infrastructure. His journey from public service to private sector leadership serves as an inspiration for aspiring brand leaders seeking to make a positive impact.