Ann D’Silva: A Trailblazing Force for Change

In the dynamic realm of literature, social change, and business, Ann D’Silva stands as a beacon of inspiration and influence. With over two and a half decades of experience in senior management roles across various industries, she has seamlessly transitioned into the role of an award-winning author and social change activist. Ann is not just an author; she is a visionary committed to promoting peace, empowerment, and diversity on a global scale. Her impact is evident through her best-selling trilogy, the Sand and Sea series, and her compelling poetry collection, Verses of a Risen Phoenix.

Ann D’Silva’s journey into storytelling and activism was fueled by a profound desire to share knowledge, challenge societal norms, and foster a more tolerant world. Her conviction that social change begins with individual change led her to use books and films as powerful mediums to reach a wider audience. Her advice to aspiring individuals is simple yet profound – to start, to take that first step towards making a difference. Addressing the challenges faced by women in the business world, Ann emphasizes the age-related obstacles and the diminishing opportunities for women over 40. She sheds light on the disparities in decision-making roles, highlighting the cultural, ethnic, and gender biases that persist. Ann advocates for a more inclusive business environment where women can contribute their unique perspectives, echoing the nurturing voice of a mother seeking the best for all.

Ann’s vision for the future of business revolves around gender harmony rather than a battle of genders. She emphasizes the need for a safe and unconditional environment for women to thrive. In her perspective, embracing diversity is not just an organizational advantage; it is an imperative step towards eliminating biases and fostering equality for all.

Significant Achievements:

Ann D’Silva’s career is adorned with accolades that reflect her impactful contributions:

  • Best Selling Indian Author for Sand and Sea: Footprints in the Sand
  • Global Goodwill Ambassador
  • ‘Woman Leader for 2021’ award
  • Influencer of the Year 2021 by AACCI
  • UNESCO Books for Peace Award – Italy for 2022
  • Outstanding Contribution Towards Women Award from the Federation of Gender and Human Rights, USA
  • Karamveer Award Recipient – India 2022
  • Top Five Prominent Women Leaders, Shaping the Industry in 2022 – The CIO Times

Ann D’Silva credits her success to an open-door policy and effective dialogue. Her career, marked by transparency and accessibility, has been guided by the belief that people should feel comfortable approaching her. Dialogue, she believes, is the key to conflict resolution and building trust. These principles have served as cornerstones, not only in her corporate roles but also in her current roles as an author, consultant, and social change activist.

Prioritizing Work-Life Balance and Well-being:

Ann D’Silva sheds light on the inherent strength of women in managing multiple activities without succumbing to the chaos of multitasking. For her, managing work and family balance is about apportioning time to individual activities, leading to productivity, growth, and personal development. Mental well-being takes center stage in her life, emphasizing the need for a healthy mind to focus on life goals amidst the external chaos. She emphasizes the importance of being doers rather than talkers in resolving conflicts and restoring peace, advocating for mental well-being as a top priority.

Ann believes in the uniqueness of individuals and sees her role as recognizing and respecting diversity. Her extensive travels across different countries contribute to her inclusive mindset, as she values learning about various cultures and traditions. In media, entertainment, tourism, and new market development, she sees opportunities to experience and appreciate different perspectives. Her open-door policy and willingness to listen to new narratives contribute to creating better stories that resonate with a diverse audience.

Advice for Aspiring Women Leaders:

Ann encourages aspiring women leaders to stay authentic, grounded, and true to themselves. She emphasizes the importance of staying consistent in serving a bigger purpose, trusting that success will follow if they love what they do. Her advice includes dreaming big, taking action, and recognizing one’s strength, even in moments of doubt. She advocates for ignoring opinions that seek to confine and emphasizes the value of individual journeys. Ann succinctly highlights the advantage women bring to leadership roles, drawing a parallel to their role in making a house a home. Women, with their genetic advantage, are seen as capable of steering the ship through storms, showcasing the unique strengths they possess. Ann advocates for providing opportunities for women to prove their capabilities in leadership roles.

Current Initiatives and Projects:

Exciting projects on the horizon for Ann include her role as an advertising sales representative for Warner Bros. Discovery, where she looks forward to bringing the stories of many countries to life. Additionally, the anticipation of her book, Sand and Sea, being adapted into a film in 2024 fuels her enthusiasm for creating films that address social issues worldwide.

Ann adopts a lifelong student approach to stay informed about industry trends and advancements. Constant reading, interaction, and collaboration are integral to her growth and development, keeping her ahead in her field. Mentorship has played a pivotal role in Ann’s career, and she pays it forward by mentoring the youth whenever she can. Networking and mentorship have been instrumental in her success, providing wings to fly and opportunities to learn from those who believed in her.

Supporting and Empowering Women in Business:

Ann underscores the importance of women supporting women and the need for men to encourage women in leadership roles. She acknowledges the pivotal role of HR departments in creating a healthy work environment for all and emphasizes the significance of HR personnel in connecting management with its people. The business community, according to Ann, is currently in a supporting women stage, with the empowering phase to follow once there is equality.

In the world of Ann D’Silva, each accomplishment is a stepping stone towards a more enlightened and inclusive future. Through her words and actions, she continues to impact lives, challenge norms, and inspire positive change on a global scale.