Driving Change: Transformational Business Leaders in 2023



Patrick Riccards is an agitator at heart, driven by a deep desire to build, create, and repair. Dissatisfied with the status quo, Patrick seeks big, audacious change, pushing the boundaries and embracing the challenges that come with transformation. His journey towards becoming a transformational leader has been marked by significant challenges, particularly in learning from failure and navigating setbacks. However, he firmly believes in failing fast and learning from mistakes to forge a path to success.

Angela Ursem


Angela Ursem, co-founder of FoodforSkin.care, is a transformational business leader with a mission to revolutionize the beauty industry. Inspired by her experience at impact company Tony’s Chocolonely, Angela embarked on a journey to create a skincare brand that takes full responsibility for the planet, people, and profit. Her vision is to prove that responsible, effective, and carefree skincare is possible while building a sustainable business for the long term.

Leesa Soulodre

R3i Capital

Soulodre, a transformational business leader, has embarked on an incredible journey driven by her innate passion to make a difference and drive meaningful change. Overcoming adversity and embracing a data-driven, innovative approach, she has made significant strides in transforming the venture capital industry. As the founder of R3i Capital, Leesa’s vision of digital transformation and inclusivity has reshaped every aspect of the firm’s operations. Let’s delve deeper into her inspiring story and discover the impact of her transformative leadership.

Mikael Hoier


Mikael Hoier who stand out as transformational business leaders. Inspired by the vision of creating a better world for future generations, Mikael embarked on a journey to lead and shape the business landscape in a way that fosters growth, happiness, and inspiration for all. Let’s delve into his insights and experiences that have shaped him into the influential leader he is today.

Nicholas McQuire


Nick McQuire, a transformational business leader, has found his inspiration in the challenging yet rewarding world of Strategic Incubations within Microsoft’s Strategic Missions and Technologies (SMT) division. As part of the organization’s business acceleration arm, Nick works at the forefront of future technology innovation and business acceleration, fostering growth businesses that will shape Microsoft’s future. His journey towards transformational leadership has been marked by resilience and embracing change. Let’s delve deeper into Nicholas McQuire’s experiences, defining transformational leadership, staying ahead in the industry, and fostering a culture of innovation.

Nicole Martin

HRBoost, LLC

Nicole Martin is a trailblazing entrepreneur and influential leader in the field of human resources. As the Chief Empowerment Officer and Founder of HRBoost, LLC, a highly regarded HR Shared Services consulting firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Nicole has made a significant impact on businesses and communities alike.

Oliver Rolfe

Spartan International

Oliver Rolfe, the esteemed Founder and CEO of Spartan International, is a renowned expert in building, creating, and assisting new departments, divisions, and teams within the Global Equity space. With a mission to empower individuals in both their professional and personal lives, Spartan International also specializes in providing Life/Career and Health/Wellbeing Guidance.

Virginia Mijes Martin

Innovation Enterprise

Meet Virginia, a transformational business leader with decades of experience working in various companies, both large and small, across international markets. Her journey towards becoming a transformational leader has been inspired by her diverse background, futuristic vision, and dedication to innovation. Through this interview, we’ll explore Virginia’s insights on transformational leadership, the challenges she faced, and her approach to fostering a culture of innovation within her organization.