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Why young people in every sphere – not just business and politics – should learn to lead

Leadership is often defined as the ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve specific goals. While some may associate leadership with heroic and exceptional qualities, the world witnessed the profound impact of Nelson Mandela’s passing. His remarkable accomplishments as a freedom fighter, political prisoner, the first black president of South Africa, and a Nobel Peace Prize recipient undeniably place him among the great leaders.

However, leadership should not be confused with management, although these terms are frequently used interchangeably. Personal experiences may include encountering managers who lack the qualities that would make them inspiring leaders, but their authority necessitates obedience for the sake of job security.

My research reveals that what distinguishes a leader from a manager is a unique form of influence. Contrary to popular belief, leadership is not limited to the realms of business and politics; every collective endeavor, regardless of profession or activity, requires someone to guide and lead.

This article is part of the Quarter Life series, which explores the challenges and issues that affect individuals in their twenties and thirties. From navigating the complexities of starting a career and prioritizing mental health to the joys of building a family, adopting a pet, or establishing friendships as an adult, these articles delve into the questions and offer insights as we navigate through this transformative period of life.

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