Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women Leaders in Business in 2023



Anna Vasyutina, a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, was born into an affluent family, which initially prospered through successful entrepreneurial and investment ventures. However, the socio-economic landscape shifted with the arrival of Gorbachev, leading to substantial financial setbacks.

Elizabeth Cowper


Elizabeth Cowper is a seasoned HR professional with over 25 years of experience, making significant contributions to renowned companies such as LVMH, Planet Organic, and Harvey Nichols. Her last corporate role as the VP HR, Global Head of Wellbeing, and member of the Global DEI Committee at Tapestry, the parent company of Coach, kate spade, and Stuart Weitzman, solidified her position as a leader in the industry.

Ellen Voie

Women In Trucking Association, Inc.

Ellen Voie is a visionary leader and the founder of the Women In Trucking Association, Inc. Her career journey began in 2007 when she held the position of Manager of Recruiting and Retention programs at a major trucking company. Focused on attracting and retaining nontraditional groups as professional drivers, Ellen identified women as a key demographic worth accommodating. Drawing inspiration from her involvement in a women’s aviation group as a private pilot, she made the decision to establish an organization for women in the trucking industry.

Giovanna Jagger

International WELL Building Institute

Giovanna Jagger is a prominent leader in the field of business development and sustainability, with a career spanning over 15 years. Her journey began as an advisor to FTSE 500 companies, where she focused on corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and reporting. With a passion for driving business growth while incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions, Giovanna later became the Global Business Development Director of her own consultancy.

Laetitia Cailleteau


Laetitia Cailleteau, a prominent leader in her industry, is renowned for her resilience, creativity, and dedication to excellence, exemplifying an extraordinary career journey marked by an unwavering pursuit of success. Her humble beginnings instilled in her a deep appreciation for education and its ability to generate new possibilities. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and an indomitable spirit, Laetitia has consistently defied obstacles, never accepting “no” as an answer, and triumphing over numerous challenges to emerge as a frontrunner in her field. As she contemplates her leadership position, Laetitia recognizes the importance of purposefully harnessing these qualities to further excel in her role.

Laurie Stach


Laurie Stach’s career journey is a testament to her diverse background in engineering, business, and education. Armed with a mechanical engineering degree from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School, Laurie embarked on a path that led her to renowned organizations such as GE, BMW, and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). However, it was her passion for entrepreneurship and education that ultimately defined her leadership path.

Layne Lewis

Willowview Consulting

Layne Lewis is an accomplished leader who has carved a remarkable path in her industry. Her career journey is a testament to her determination, resilience, and passion for making a difference. From her early days as an Aerospace Engineering graduate to her current role as the founder of Willowview Consulting (WVC), Layne has continuously pushed boundaries and shattered glass ceilings.

Madeline Masterson

The Master Agency

Madeline Masterson is a visionary leader who has made her mark in the industry through a journey of continuous growth and creating positive impacts. Her career began at Amazon, where she realized her passion for making a difference for sellers from an external perspective. This drive led her to join an Amazon agency, but her desire for more autonomy pushed her to change companies once again. It was during this transition that The Master Agency (TMA) was born, driven by Madeline’s determination to create a better environment for account managers. Her personal evolution mirrors her professional growth, characterized by a constant quest to improve and make a meaningful impact.

Rhonda Vetere

Rhonda Vetere, a renowned leader in the technology industry, has had an exceptional career journey that began at a young age. Growing up in Virginia, Rhonda’s strong work ethic was instilled in her by her mother, who emphasized the importance of hard work to achieve goals. She started working at the age of 12 and continued to work tirelessly throughout her life. While she initially aspired to pursue a career in fashion during her teenage years, her path led her to the world of technology, where she has thrived for over two decades.